Yuen MM, Prabhat AM, Mazurek MH, Chavva IR, Crawford A, Cahn BA, Beekman R, Kim JA, Gobeske KT, Petersen NH, Falcone GJ, Gilmore EJ, Hwang DY, Jasne AS, Hardik A, Sharma R, Matouk C, Ward A, Schindler J, Sansing L, de Havenon A, Aydin A, Wira C, Sze G, Rosen MS, Kimberly WT, Sheth KN. Sci. Adv., 8:eabm3952 (2022).

Date posted: May 16, 2022 | Author: | Comments Off on Portable, low-field magnetic resonance imaging enables highly accessible and dynamic bedside evaluation of ischemic stroke


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